When it comes to your luxury or exotic car, you don't want to trust just anyone to maintain or repair it. At Avondale Collision and Repair, we're a licensed luxury dealership and professional servicing and repairs on a multitude of luxury and exotic vehicles. From collision repairs to keep your vehicle looking new every time you bring it out in Dallas, to upkeeping the highest level of performance for the many miles ahead, we have the tools, factory-trained technicians, genuine OEM parts, and state-of-the-art service center to keep your vehicle in day-one condition for as long as you drive it.

Why Service Your Luxury Vehicle at a Licensed Service Center?

When you drive a luxury vehicle, you want to maintain its performance, appearance, and overall elegance for as long as you drive it. That's what we're here for. We offer fast, professional, and certified servicing on many luxury brands, allowing you to keep your vehicle performing at the highest level and shining like new everywhere you go in nearby Highland Park. While other third-party service centers work on a variety of vehicles each day, we specialize in servicing luxury and exotic vehicle. When working on your vehicle, we order genuine OEM parts directly from the factory, ensuring that your vehicle performs the way it was engineered to.

What Are Common Service Needs on Luxury Vehicles?

Properly maintaining your luxury vehicle is the only way to help it continue performing at the highest level on your travels around University Park. Common servicing needs on luxury vehicles are generally what you'll routinely bring your vehicle in for, including: tires, oil, brakes, and belts. These are all important areas of service because if they're ignored, they can lead to more costly and major repairs.

  • Tires: Your tires are what the performance of your vehicle rests on, literally. That's why it's important to take car of your tires and address wear before it becomes a major issue. If you see that your tires are looking worn out, you can bring it in from Grapevine for a quick tire rotation. If you need new tires, we have name brand high performance tires available to help match the ride that you're used to. When you let your tires wear down too much, it affects the performance of the rest of the vehicle, losing grip on the road which results in poor steering, acceleration, and braking.
  • Oil: Motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine. You should always consult your owner's manual to determine when or how many miles traveled before you change out your oil. We offer fast synthetic oil changes using the motor oil that's best for your vehicle, allowing you to protect and uphold the performance of your engine for many miles to come around Preston Hollow.
  • Brakes: You'll be able to tell when your brakes are starting to wear down, either by the noise they make or if they lose responsiveness. We can address any issues with your braking system on your luxury vehicle, offering quick brake pad replacements and servicing on drums, calipers, and rotors.
  • Belts: When you hear a squeaky belt, it's time to get it tightened or replaced.

Auto Body Upkeep and Repairs

We're a state of the art collision center, certified for auto body repairs on Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Lexus, Land Rover, and Jaguar vehicles, and are happy to work on any luxury brand. Whether it's a deep paint scratch that you want erased or you need a new panel or bumper, we work directly with the factory to get the exact parts for your vehicle to return it to you looking like-new again in the quickest manner possible.

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