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Prevent and Repairs Rust Damage at Avondale Collision & Repair

Rust is one of the major contributors to damaging and rendering vehicles undriveable in the Dallas area. The most common cause of rust on a car is through moisture from rain or snow, but it can also be caused through improper care of the interior of your vehicle, and other factors. At Avondale Collision & Repair, we're here to help Dallas-Fort Worth area drivers avoid rust damage and perform rust repairs on vehicles that have already incurred it, allowing you to continue driving your dream vehicle for longer.

Why Do Vehicles Rust?

Rust on cars forms through oxidation, which is a process in which iron reacts with water and moisture, causing iron oxide, otherwise known as rust. Your vehicle has steel components on it, which also contain iron. Although many vehicles use different types of materials and coatings to the susceptible parts, rusting cannot be eliminated, and the only way to stop it is through proper prevention actions. Salt is another main contributor to rust on vehicle, whether it's from the salt on the roads to prevent ice and snow or if you drive your vehicle close to the ocean.

What Types of Rust Are There?

There's three main kinds of rust that affect vehicles: surface rust, scale rust, and penetrating rust. Surface rust is what appears on the top layer of your vehicle and can be common if you have scratches, paint damage, and nicks. Surface rust can be cleared out if found early. Scale rust is what happens if you don't eliminate surface rust, causing the initial spot of rust to spread to body panels and other parts. Penetrating rust is the most damaging type of rust, which can spread to many different parts, panels, and the structural integrity of your vehicle.

What Are Good Ways to Prevent Rust?

Wash Your Vehicle Regularly

For drivers around Grapevine, there are many preventative measures you can take to prevent your vehicle from rusting. One of the easiest and most common ways is by washing your vehicle regularly. It might seem too simple, but regularly washing your vehicle to remove dirt, grime, salt, and other harmful materials will reduce the chances of your vehicle rusting. You'll want to make sure that you're washing the undercarriage of your vehicle to eliminate contaminants that cause corrosion to the structure of your vehicle.

Wax and Have Rust Spray Applied

Beyond washing your vehicle, getting it waxed at least two times a year also helps protect it against rusting. You can also get your car rustproofed with us using an oil spray that prevents rusting and corrosion.

What Are Common Rust Repairs

If you notice surface rust growing on your car, act fast. You can bring your vehicle into our repair center and we'll take care of all surface rust issues quickly and conveniently. Surface rust can be eliminated easily through sanding, patching, and painting, depending on how big the area of rust is. For smaller spots of rust, it's as easy as painting your vehicle, applying a clear coat, and sending you back out with your vehicle shining again. If you have a larger area of surface rust, we'll sand and patch it using an adhesive that protects and prevents rusting before painting and coating your vehicle again.

Schedule a Rust Repair Appointment at Avondale Collision & Repair Today

If you notice rusting on your vehicle, or you want to prevent rust from affecting your vehicle, we invite you to schedule an appointment in our collision and repair center today. Regardless of what vehicle you drive, we have the experience and tools to return your vehicle to like-new condition again before you know it.

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