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Having a chipped or cracked windshield isn't only unsightly and an inconvenience when you're driving, it's also dangerous and can end up costing you more if you don't get it repaired. At Avondale Collision & Repair in Grapevine, we offer professional windshield repairs. We can address and repair windshields on all vehicles, with certifications for Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Lexus, Land Rover, and Jaguar. We can address windshield chips and fill them in before they become unfixable cracks. If need be, we offer fast windshield replacements and can get you back on the road to Dallas with the utmost visibility and safety again in no time.

Why is it Important to Fill Windshield Chips?

Chips Turn into Cracks Quickly

When you get a small chip in your windshield, it can spread into a crack quickly with as little as increased pressure on your windshield. Windshield chips can happen for any number of reasons, including rocks on the road, hail, falling debris from trees, and more. Once you have a chip, it's important to have it filled quickly, as something as minor as the car wash or a change in temperature can cause the chip to turn into a full crack. Once your windshield is cracked, it's not only dangerous and reduces visibility, it can also cause you to get your entire windshield replaced.

Windshield Chips Damage a Vehicle's Structural Integrity

Not only are windshield cracks likely to spread, but having a cracked windshield limits the structural integrity of the vehicle. If you get into a crash, the windshield upholds the roof and helps the airbags deploy as they're meant to. With a cracked windshield, it can shatter easier and won't do its intended job.

Getting Dirt and Debris in the Chip Makes it Harder to Fill

If dirt or other debris gets into the windshield crack, it causes complication with the filling process. Dirt will get stuck in the chip and there won't be any way to remove it. Because the resin used to fill chips is meant to seal the glass, it won't be able to hold it together, causing your windshield to crack and need to be replaced.

Fixing a Windshield Chip is Easy and Inexpensive

Fixing a chip in your windshield is much easier, faster, and inexpensive than replacing your windshield because of a crack. We have the experience and tools to fill a windshield chip in a matter of minutes. We also work with all insurance companies to help you save and avoid a headache of paying out of pocket to get your windshield fixed. Most insurance companies will include comprehensive coverage on all the things that cause windshield cracks naturally.

We Accept Your Insurance

We want to make fixing your chipped windshield as simple and straightforward of an experience as possible. That's why accept all insurance and will work directly with your provider to get your windshield fixed as quickly and conveniently as possible.

What Kind of Windshield Damage is Covered?

Most insurance providers will offer coverage for windshield cracks caused by rocks being kicked up on the road, hail damage, tree damage, and much more to ensure that your windshield can get fixed before a larger crack or problem arises.

We're an Exclusive Repair Center for Top Brands

We're a certified repair center for Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Land Rover, and Jaguar. We have the technicians, tools, and parts needed to fill your cracked windshield and get you safely back on the road in the fastest manner possible.

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